ISA is a company that provides safe and effective solutions to the growing security concerns that affect our family, children, businesses, schools, and homes.  ISA offers the absolute best Safety Security and Protection available to our clients.  The professionalism, training, and skills exhibited by our agents meet the highest standards possible.  ISA's objectives include prevention of intentional injury to our client, his/her family, residence, business, or any other asset deemed necessary.  Many people are under the impression that they or their assets are not enough at risk to consider advanced security measures.  The unfortunate truth is that all one needs to do is read the morning newspaper to realize that violence such as kidnappings, armed and unarmed assaults, home invasions, workplace violence and street crime are on the rise.  The latest Crime Reports verifies that violent crime is increasing annually worldwide.  Domestic and foreign crime and terrorism is a valid borderless concern.  It is now necessary for corporations large and small as well as families to increase their security measures in order to maintain safety for their family, employee's and employee productivity and protect their assets.

ISA was founded by Vojvoda Jerry L. Brumley with one thought in mind; "Preservation of Life No Matter What" and that is what we focus on today with an extended agenda.  ISA has grown and expanded to be the most comprehensive Security Service Company in the World. 

ISA is committed to providing the best Security to its clients that can be provided.  Whether you, your family, estate, home, business or associates need Personal Protection, Static Security, Mobile Patrols, Audio and /or Video Surveillance, Close Circuit Television (CCTV), Motorcades, Risk Assessments, Consulting or International travel ISA can and does provide what is not only desired but evaluates the risk and determines the necessary needs.

ISA has been built on a different philosophy than any other Company and that is we do not rest until the job is done.  You will not find an ISA officer or Agent on their cellular device unless it is company business, they will never be sitting down unless it is determined to be necessary for the performance of the Post Duties, they will never lean or meander around. 

ISA Officers and Agents know and are instructed to be friendly but not to become friends while in the performance of their duties and that their responsibility is to represent the client in the best possible image as the first impression is a lasting impression.  With that in mind ISA Officers and Agents are Friendly, Kind, Courteous, Conscientious, Firm and Fair.

ISA believes and teaches all of its Officers and Agents that the Safety and Protection of our Clients, their Patrons, Employees, Property, Equipment, Buildings and Assets is their complete responsibility.

To provide our clients with the most advanced, effective, discreet and confidential Security Service & Protection available both domestically and internationally.

To provide our clients with security & protection that will enhance their ability to enjoy time with their family and persue all buisness endeavours with confidence, focus and peace of mind.

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