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ISA a U.S. Federally CAGE Coded, CCR, ORCA, FBO Registered, Veteran Owned Business was established in 2007 and has provided Security Services to  clients in the globally.  ISA is, and maintains a special security status utilizing direct communication with its Officers and Agents 24hrs a day 7 days a week, covering all aspects of security, surveillance, intelligence gathering and protection. As the premier security resource, ISA provides advanced security and intelligence with global capability.  ISA operates internationally to collect intelligence and provide security services in support of its client’s policies and objectives.

ISA is the security industry's premier provider of highly skilled and trained proactive responsive personnel, is the most rewarded security company and recongized as the industry model. 

In this time of uncertainty, volatility and trepidation ISA assists its clients to meet and alleviate their security needs and concerns. To do this effectively ISA must protect the secrets of its sources and methods.  ISA provides the highest quality of Community, Corporate, Industrial and Estate Security along with Personal Protection, Surveillance and Counter-measure programs to all clients families, corporations, organizations, events and valuable merchandise transportation world-wide.  ISA is a professional security organization with a standard of unmatched training and performance.

ISA training is specifically designed around providing the best personal protection and intelligence gathering in the world. In these uncertain times only the most specific and detailed training is acceptable to include but not limited to: Executive Protection, Transportation (Escort) Security, Surveillance, Firearms, Close Combat, Escape & Evasion, Law enforcement, and Special Weapons Assault Teams.

ISA works within all aspects of client confidentiality and privacy utilizing seasoned and experienced Special Agents with international exposure for senior executive and high profile clients.

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