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Vojvoda Jerry L. Brumley PhD

A United States Marine Corps and United States Army National Guard Veteran

A Cold War and Iraqi War Veteran

 is a member of:

ASSIST - Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas 

InfraGard - a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)

International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA)

 American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS)

American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)

National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) 

American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS International)


The Chairman is an Experienced Licensed Security Manager, Personal Protection Agent, Private Investigator and Commissioned Security Officer who has worked in Asia, North and Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa since 1977.

The President brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ISA ranging from hand to hand combat to finance and economics.  He holds several degrees ranging from Finance to Philosophy and is a world renowned martial artist, such that he was approached and asked by the United States Navy to train the Seals at NTC San Diego on quick kill techniques.

The President has provided security and protection for Princes’, Princess’, Ministers, Senators, Extreme High Profile, and High Net Worth Individuals worldwide in the best and worst of situations/conditions without incident. The President has developed particular training, surveillance and observation techniques, security operations, set-up, hiring, training and management of personal protection and security teams.

The President was a special guest speaker at the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) and Terrorism in Budapest, Hungary the 30th of April 2008. 

Over the last thirty years, the President has received numerous awards and commendations.

The President has developed and forged excellent relationships with foreign countries, dignitaries and individuals in all corners of the world.


Ryuji L. Brumley - President & CEO

Security Operations and Personal Protection Veteran

I am proud and honored to be a part of ISA because of our goals, mission, professionalism and people.  Families, Businesses and Institutions today must understand that their responsibilities and security requirements have changed dramatically over the last few years.  Threats and risk come in all shapes and sizes.  It is no longer acceptable for families and companies to settle for less than the absolute highest standards of quality when it comes down to protecting their families, children, employees, facilities and assets.  ISA is unmatched and unsurpassed in the field of security and protection always delivering successfully.

Having spent the majority of my career in the Security and Personal Protection industry I can say without hesitation that I have not seen nor experienced a better company who's focus is to provide the best personnel while perserving the peace and tranquility of the clients environment. 

As we move into a new realm of security ISA is absolutly the only company prepared to provide the necessary solutions, direction based programs coupled with unmatched training of personnel.  I look forward to the future with great expectation and pride that ISA is and will be the Company of Choice for securing and perserving America while providing highly trained, highly skilled, professional customer service and safety oriented Officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Brumley is a Licensed Security Manager, Commissioned Security Officer, Personal Protection Agent and an accomplished Martial Artist.  He has worked on Protection details for several high profile individuals, government officials, Royal and Imperial family members.

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Jose R. Cruz

Field Operations Manager

The Safety and Security of you and your family, business and employees during these uncertain times is of the utmost importance and a daunting task in and of itself.  The current work of ISA overwhelmingly demonstrates that there is no alternative to collective actions of the international community on maintaining peace and security.  ISA has always been a leading advocate in resolving this vital task.  In recent years counteracting such major threats as international terrorism, escalated gang violence, nuclear armament and kidnapping has overshadowed the topical issues of safety and security natural and manmade emergencies and disaster response.  Second and Third World Countries containing a possible aggression for increased international recognition and status; striving to achieving supremacy over neighbors, and, possibly, gaining economic benefits are the factors that incite a number of countries to obtain such weapons, and implement wide scale military programs.

ISA is here in Texas, the RGV to provide the peace of mind we all want and deserve that is why I am here and why ISA is the wisest choice for our cities, communities, you, your family and your business.

Lieutenant Cruz is a retired Texas Law Enforcement Officer and Master Police Officer who has spent his career in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV).  He has served with the United Nations in Eastern Europe, worked with the most all of the U.S. Government intities in a critical mission status.

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