Statement from the President & CEO


In these uncertain and volatile times the need for elite security and personal protection has developed into a necessity of premier importance for all companies and high profile individuals. It is for this purpose that we are here. Our world today is filled with danger, terrorist (international, home grown and religious), radicals, drug cartels, street and prison gangs armed with assault rifles, bullet proof vests, grenades and military grade weapons have become an increasing security risk in every part of the world. Especially in the countries and cities where leniency is a fore gone conclusion and criminal elements know cities Law Enforcement is being engaged in extreme violence or bribery leaving a city incapable of protecting itself from these abuses. Drastic circumstances will call for alternative measures. ISA is prepared to oppose these powerful forces, ISA men and women who dedicate their lives to truth, safety, security, honor and freedom. ISA Security Officers and Personal Protection Agents are known as the Protectors and have received specialized training that catapults them to the forefront of the Security and Personal Protection field and it is our duty to continue to push the threshold of our abilities because I believe that one day we will be called upon to help in securing our own countries and others to defend against aggression. I have and continue to strive to ensure that International Security Agency (ISA) is ready and prepared and I urge you to do the same so that when you are called you too will be able to respond anywhere in the world to Serve, Preserve, Protect and Defend against all aggressors and all odds.

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Statement from the President & CEO
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